A Brief Look at the emWave Desktop and

Heart Tuner and Some Claims Made
By Related Parties
Due to my repeated mentions of heart coherence, HeartMath and the emWave Desktop (previously known as emWave PC or the Freeze Framer) feedback device on this website, I am often asked by people about the differences between the Heartmath emWave Desktop and the Heart Tuner marketed by Dan Winter, and for my reaction to some stories and claims which have been spread by Dan Winter about Heartmath and their device. (The emWave is also available in a compact portable version called emWave PSR [Personal Stress Reliever] which doesn't have as many features as the emWave Desktop.) One such recent inquiry read in part as follows:
"I'm looking into purchasing either the Freeze Framer [now known as the emWave Desktop] or the HeartTuner, and
would appreciate any views or opinions from users of both. I'd especially
like to know how valuable people find these devices on a day-to-day basis.

I first became aware of this research from the HeartMath Solutions book, and
recently read some of the articles relating to the HeartTuner and Dan
Winter. The HeartTuner sounds interesting based on the rather esoteric
articles that are linked to it, regarding sacred geometry and other highly
complex mathematical links to heart coherence.

The company that make the HeartTuner seem to criticise HeartMath and the

Here, with suitable editing to make it more understandable, is my reply to the person who inquired:

I have been asked this question before. Here is my opinion on the emWave Desktop (previously known as emWave PC or the Freeze Framer) from the Institute of HeartMath (IHM) compared to the Heart Tuner (HT), with multiple points. I speak here as a mystic, healer and a degreed scientist, and as someone who has investigated coherence and heart coherence for 7 years:

  • The emWave Desktop from Institute of Heart Math (IHM) is an incredible bargain and incredibly inexpensive, at even the price of the newly released (even more powerful) ver. 2.0 release (about $260 street price) [later note: this version number and price are now out of date] compared to the Heart Tuner (HT) at about $1,410 US dollars at the current exchange rate. Recommended add-ons (recommended by the HT folks.....) for the HT add another $270 to $690 USD to the HT price.
  • For sensing heart rate info, the emWave Desktop needs only a finger sensor placed on one finger.  On the other hand, the HT needs three electrodes hooked up to the chest/belly with paste and bands/straps.
  • The emWave Desktop from IHM (and Journey to the Wild Divine, whose developers chose to use and license the algorithms/methods for coherence development used by IHM) uses what is in my opinion (and that of most coherence experts) by far the most reliable and robust formula/algorithm for analysis of waveforms to sense evidence of true heart coherence, and particularly, of a type of heart coherence which has the greatest potential for the amount of information/intelligence "nested" or embedded within.
  • On the other hand, the very expensive HT employs a different method and algorithm to sense a different heart rhythm signature altogether, detecting a waveform which does not offer much "room" for true coherence or for nested information, and moreover, it is a heart rhythm pattern which is often associated with debilitated states and therefore it seems unwise to be offering folks a biofeedback device which encourages exactly such states. I further believe that there is no harm for some healthy folks with good background in true (as defined by IHM) heart coherence to "play" with such a device as the HT at times, and to play at times with learning to maximize the flat heart rates which the HT encourages, but I believe that a device such as the HT must be used wisely.
  • Dan Winter, who conceptualized some of the HT and markets it, has made, and continues to make, a number of inaccurate claims about the HT, about the emWave Desktop from IHM, and also about IHM and their work in general.  In fact, the extent and degree of inaccurate claims about the HT, the emWave Desktop and IHM in general finally led Dr. Rollin McCraty, the Research Director at IHM, to issue a public letter on the matter.  I have posted a copy of that letter on this website.
  • In my opinion, it seems that Dan Winter's credibility is questionable. Dan has not only fabricated his claimed academic and training background in the sciences (and has admitted this in a court case), as well as his claimed academic degrees in the fields of science/technology, but he has been convicted in US Federal court (in NY State) of repeated copyright violation and plagiarism, and attendant public disparagement of the persons from whom he stole ideas and theories.  In fact, one of the conditions imposed by the Federal court on Dan was that he was forced to turn over his www.DanWinter.com website to the plaintiff in the case, as Dan had repeatedly used that website to not only attack the plaintiff, but to plagiarize his work and repeatedly violate his copyrighted works.
  • The name for the earlier version of the HT (Heart Tuner), made in the USA, was the HeartLink (HL). At one time just before Dan left the USA, he and his associates had approached Prof. Gary Schwartz at U of AZ in Tucson, a leading authority in the academic world on heart coherence, and asked him to evaluate it.  Dr. Schartz ultimately had to refuse, because Dan refused to provide him with information absolutely necessary for evaluation, including what the HL was really detecting, the target waveforms, and the algorithms used. In fact, the subsequent comments claims made by Dan about Dr. Schwartz's test of the HL ultimately led Dr. Schwarz to issue a public letter on the matter to set the record straight. The letter may be found at: http://www.danwinter.com/HeartTunerStatements.html
  • On the other hand, IHM has always disclosed fully, in over 22 articles in scientific journals and elsewhere, the signature waveforms of coherence which they are targeting for assay in the heart waveforms, and also the algorithm and methods used to identify those waveforms. Again, at risk of repeating myself, the waveforms targeted by IHM in the emWave Desktop device as signatures of heart coherence are also endorsed by many leading coherence experts as well as many leading cardiologists as a measure of true heart coherence, and a type of heart coherence with great potential for "higher" embedded information.  Further, these waveforms have been associated for years with improved clinical outcomes.
  • For further information about Dan Winter, please see the home page of the www.DanWinter.com website at http://www.danwinter.com/
  • when I go into my intuitive inner mode and access deep guidance from Being and my angels, and ask about the two devices and the potential benefit from using them, I get the following answers on my Scale of Absolute Peace (somewhat similar to Dr. David Hawkins's Map of Consciousness, and which I have drawn from a scale popularized years ago by Lester Levenson, the American spiritual teacher) which runs from 0 (lowest state) to 1,000 (greatest state of peace): that the emWave Desktop can easily lead most folks to a taste of a state of 588 on the scale, while the replies indicate that the HT is not as useful for many people and can usually, at best, take a person to a temporary level of 324.
  • I could go on for many more paragraphs, especially about the fact that the IHM folks offer with the emWave Desktop device many hours of free training (much in AV form on your PC or Mac) in how to attain heart coherence, but also background info on coherence and its benefits.
Bottom line: I strongly recommend the emWave Desktop (previously known as emWave PC or the Freeze Framer) over the Heart Tuner, for the above reason as well as a few others. I have owned an emWave Desktop for years, and still use it regularly; I recently upgraded to the current version.  If the Heart Tuner had a price tag of $110 USD instead of 13 times that, I would likely be happy to purchase one and play with it, especially to get a better idea of the heart waveforms which Dan is examining.  However, for what it does offer, and especially for what it does not offer (it does not offer detection of the waveforms measured by the IHM emWave Desktop device), I personally feel that it is simply not worth anywhere near the asking price.

After I had first posted the above reply to my website, a caller who had just read my essay reminded me of a great paragraph or two on the website of the Meru Foundation, which has had their own share of run-ins with Dan Winter. Here goes with a brief excerpt, as referenced by my caller, from a letter from the Board of Directors of the Meru Foundation (full text at www.danwinter.com ) on much the same matter:

"...One further thought.  Dishonest people, and people who enjoy hurting others -- like Mr. Winter -- count on the fact that the vast majority of healthy, caring, well-intended people are not suspicious by nature, and accept what they are told at face value.  This is good.  Decent, caring people should not have to be suspicious, and should not need to double-check every claim that is made.  But unfortunately, this means that decent, caring people, young and old, students and professionals, are easily deceived by people like Mr. Winter, who go to so much trouble to deceive them.

No one who has been taken in by Mr. Winter's claims should feel badly.  This is not anything to be ashamed of.  The fact is that even the best informed and most careful people can be deceived by a determined liar. Please, if you did not immediately realize the truth about Mr. Winter and his claims, do not feel foolish, and please be respectful and understanding to other caring people when you speak with them. That's the golden rule...."

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