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Release Technique and Lester Levenson's Teachings

Larry Crane's Release Technique - at http://www.releasetechnique.com
Information on Lester Levenson - at http://www.releasetechnique.com/lester-levenson/

As of July 2003, Lester's autobiography has finally been published in a more formal book form, and is now available at Amazon.com.  You may already know that his autobiography is titled "No Attachments, No Aversions", and has been available for years, due to Larry Crane's efforts, in a pre-publication photocopied spiral-bound softcover form. However, that form appeared a bit "casual" or slip-shod to a few folks, but it was really a gem, because the main body of the book also contained some handwritten editing notes, penned by Lester after the book had first been printed.  Lester's handwritten notes were a lot of fun to read, and sometimes cast further light on whatever topic was at hand.  If you do have access to a copy of that pre-publication "casual" version, please be advised that the comments in the main part of the book which appear in handwriting are Lester's comments, but that some other editing comments appear in block printing in different handwriting, particularly at the end of the book.  Those latter notes were not written by Lester, but rather by a later editor at the Sedona Center years ago, and I learned to ignore them when I encountered them... 

One more thing... Lester, when he wrote the book, wanted to tell the story but very much wanted to remain private and anonymous, and so he used the pseudonym of "Lester Siegal" (and it appears that he occasionally spelled it a bit differently as "Lester Siegel"), as the author's name and also in context within the book when referring to himself. So, the name "Lester Levenson" never appeared in the first copies of the manuscript and on early photocopied versions of the book, but rather only the name "Lester Siegal". And, much in line with the tradition of terse dialogue so commonly found in newspapers and novels of the 1930s and 1940s, Lester often simply referenced himself in the book by his pseuconymous last name alone, as "Siegal". Larry Crane eventually went thru the book after Lester's death and attempted to change all occurrences of "Siegal" and "Mr. Siegal" to "Lester" or "Levenson" or "Lester Levenson", as appropriate. However, he missed a few occurrences, and hence my early pre-publication photocopied version of the book still has a few sprinklings of the surname Siegal throughout the book, which can be very puzzling to a newcomer.

Lester was also very private and reclusive in other ways, always wanting to remain anonymous and allow only the message of love and acceptance to be broadcast, minus any personal appellations.  In addition to the use of "Siegel" as a surname, he also tried very much to avoid being photographed, and, as a result, the folks who studied with him in Sedona at the Center thru the early 1990's have only a very few photos of Lester from that entire 30-odd year span of Lester's life when he was teaching.

Along the lines of the above, I received an e-mail last week from my friend Don, who had worked with Larry for years and had helped Larry to compile the pre-publication photocopied version of the book, and in his letter he touched upon the same topic or Lester's reluctance to be "known" as a teacher or guru-type. Here is an excerpt from Don's e-mail to me:

".....You know, an interesting thing happened when I was helping Larry with the cover of that book. Lester *did* say hello. I was putting Lester's picture on the front cover and my computer kept crashing. It just wasn't coming together. Then within about an hour or so, I got a call from Larry saying that Lester came to him and he didn't want his name on the book!  You may or may not be aware that Lester referred to himself as Siegel, not Levenson, throughout the book. Larry went through and tried to correct all those references, but missed a couple. What a cute and beautiful thing! For the discerning reader, there were still clues that Lester wanted it to be about the method, not him."

You may find the book at Amazon at:

Institute of HeartMath

HeartMath research and articles from scientific journals
Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
Coherence and entrainment of heart rhythm and other body signals
HeartMath tools and emotional self-management
The book by Doc Lew Childre and Howard Martin: "The HeartMath Solution"
The emWave Desktop (previously known as emWave PC or the Freeze Framer), a PC or MAC based tool which offers you feedback on your heart rhythm coherence. (The emWave is also available in a compact portable version called emWave PSR [Personal Stress Reliever] which doesn't have as many features as the emWave Desktop.)
The book by Sara Paddison: "The Hidden Power of the Heart"

Some Links of Interest in the Realms of Healing
Recommendation for a Very Powerful and Effective Remote Energy Healer: Jerry Wills 
As you may already know, I wear several hats, and, in addition to being a consulting scientist, a mystic and an intuitive, I am also a remote spiritual healer, and have had a website devoted to my spiritual healing work since the year 2000. Largely because of that website, I have made the acquaintance of a great many remote spiritual healers and remote energy healers from around the world over the past 15 years; some of them have also performed remote healing treatments on me. (BTW, if you are confused about the difference between spiritual healers and energy healers, you may find an explanation of the considerable difference between the two types of remote healing in one of the latter paragraphs of my note on my healing site at http://www.divine-heart.org/notetohealers.html)

And, as some of you may recall, for many years, whenever I had been approached by people asking for my recommendation of the most powerful and effective remote energy healer for physical problems of whom I was aware, I always recommended Australian energy healer Ron Wilding; I also had a recommendation for Ron's remote energy healing work, along with a link to his healing website, on several of my websites. 

Well, Ron Wilding was quite advanced in years, and he passed away in October 2013. Since the time that Ron Wilding became essentially unavailable for remote energy healing work, many people have asked me if there was some other remote energy healer in the world whom I could recommend as strongly as I had recommended Ron Wilding. For a number of months, I was unable to recommend any particular remote energy healer to these inquirers who stood out in my mind as a suitable "replacement" for Ron Wilding. 

However, in each case where I was asked, I promised that I would continue looking for a remote energy healer whose work was at least as powerful and effective as Ron Wilding's had been, and I surrendered the entire matter to Divinity, asking to be guided, at the right time, to such a remote energy healer; I was, in turn, advised by Divinity and by my angels that the matter would be taken care of by June of 2014. 

Well, Divinity came through in fulfilling my request in early March of 2014. Through an extremely unlikely and circuitous route, one filled with bizarre synchronicities, I became aware recently of the existence of a remote energy healer in Arizona named Jerry Wills, who also happens to be a very colorful character (he became well-known at one point as a UFO and alien contactee, and he also leads guided tours to sacred and mysterious places in Peru). 

Once I had learned of Jerry and his remote energy healing work, I was nudged by Divinity to approach him to ask him for a remote energy healing session, which I had in early March of 2014 (he does his work while talking with his client on the phone for the duration of the approximately 30 to 90 minute session). I can tell you that Jerry's remote energy healing work is, in my estimation, even more powerful and more effective than was that of the aforementioned Australian remote energy healer Ron Wilding. 

Now, it takes a lot for me to make such a statement, for I know, or have known, hundreds of remote energy healers, and many of them have done some work on me over the years. However, the bottom line is that I feel, based upon my own experience, and also upon inner guidance from Divinity, that Jerry Wills is a remote energy healer whose work is at least as powerful and effective as was the remote energy healing work of Ron Wilding. You may find Jerry's energy healing website here: www.jerrywills.com

[For full transparency, I want to note here that I never receive any kind of compensation, commission or remuneration in return for my recommendations from any of the remote healers or intuitives whom I may recommend on my websites.]

Remote Spiritual Healing with Vinny Pinto
The Divine-Heart website, at http://www.divine-heart.org, shares information about my heart-centered remote spiritual healing work.  This work involves no contact (called "non-contact" or nonlocal) and is done remotely.  It may seem odd that I, having trained as a scientist and researcher (and also as an electronics engineer), would also offer spiritual healing, but I also have a very strong training background in acupuncture and energy healing.  However, I now offer only non-contact spiritual healing, and feel that it is this work (far more than my research work or raw foods educational work) which most "makes my heart sing".

Consulting, R&D and Prototype Development in Subtle Energy or Quantum Effects Realm -- The Coherent Space Quantum Coherence Website -- I happen to have a strong background in the sciences and in engineering and physics, and I have for many years performed research and development (R&D) work in several realms often subsumed under the term "subtle energies" or "subtle quantum effects", and particularly in the realm of technologies which appear to protect people and animals (and sensitive electronic equipment) against some of the harmful effects of EMF radiation produced by the modern power grid and also emitted by manmade electrical and electronic devices. 

Pam Clements, Remote Energy Healer
Since I'm a spiritual healer & researcher, folks often ask me to recommend remote healers for them. While I know many remote healers, there are few whom I ever recommend to others. One of the very few remote healers whom I ever recommend is my colleague Pam Clements, a remote energy healer who resides in western Michigan. Pam's website may be found at: http://pamclements.divine-heart.org/

Additional Off-Site Links on Topics Closely Related to Those Covered Here 

Click here for more information on don Miguel Ruiz

The Abraham-Hicks Work -- I hesitated at first when I considered offering this link, because the material is "channeled" ("Abraham" is a collective or aggregate entity channeled by a woman named Esther Hicks), and like much channeled material, my sense is that there is indeed a bit of a stilted, and, at times, pedantic and lecturing quality to this material.  Further, I do not agree with everything which this channeled entity purportedly says. However, there is much of worth here, and notably, the work is very positive; it does not dip into all the negative warning and fear-based stuff which so much channeled material strays into...  I do believe that especially when "Abraham" talks about how we create and how we attract experiences (or even experiences of lack, pain or suffering), that "it" is touching upon some deep truths, and these are the same truths offered by HeartMath and Larry Crane's Release Technique.  Hearing these truths yet again, and with a slightly different slant, from Abraham-Hicks as well, may help some of us to "get it".  However, a word of caution: the entity ("Abraham") primarily describes the deeper reality of experience, suffering and attraction, and, unlike HeartMath and Larry Crane's tradition, does not offer particularly useful tools and methods for dissolving old patterns and creating new patterns.  For that practical piece which you can use NOW, you would likely want a system such as HeartMath and Larry Crane's method, or preferably, both.

Sungazing, aka sun gazing, solar gazing or sun staring -- Yes, staring at the sun, also known as sun gazing or solar yoga; this has been practiced throughout the ages within a number of cultures and traditions. I (the author of this site) have been sungazing since 1987.  Although this is hardly a necessary practice for spiritual growth, for some people, even a bit of sun (see the page for information on how it is done) may help to improve health and make spiritual opening easier. For more information on sungazing, including some well-known folks in the field and also the different traditions, please see the page on this website entitled Sungazing -- Observations and Notes

Sites which provide numerous links in the areas of alternative health and diet, including raw foods:

The RawPaleoDiet website, at http://rawpaleodiet.vpinf.com - is an educational site on the Raw Paleolithic Diet.  It covers all aspects of raw foods diets which include raw animal foods, and includes a comprehensive overview of over 40 systems and books which promote such diets.  Includes a comparison of the most popular systems.

Health Shaman.com -- this site provides primarily links to other pages, organized by categories such as bodywork, chiropractors, diet, vegetarian diets, air purifiers, and not-milk sites.  This site has no content of its own, and is rather an organized index of links to other sites.  They do kindly list the HeartRelease site, and also list the Master Harpo site, along with my Raw Paleo Diet site.

The Negative Hydrogen Ion site, at http://h-minus-ion.vpinf.com , looks at a tiny ion which until recently was known only to physicists researching high-energy reactions such as those which occur in the sun, and which is now being recognized also as the most primal, primitive, primeval and primordial antioxidant for life forms on earth.  This ion is an extremely powerful nutrient which at one time was rather ubiquitous in our diet in food and water, but which has largely disappeared in the diets of modern humans .

This site has been listed in the Spiritual Healers/Counselors directory at Kat's Herbs website, which offers a directory of resources and practitioners in alternative healing.

Other websites owned by this site author:  
  • The Negative Hydrogen Ion site, at http://h-minus-ion.vpinf.com - examines a tiny ion which until recently was known only to physicists researching high-energy reactions such as those which occur in the sun, and which is now being recognized also as the most primal, primitive, primeval and primordial antioxidant for life forms on earth.  This ion is an extremely powerful nutrient which at one time was rather ubiquitous in our diet in food and water, but which has largely disappeared in the diets of modern humans.

To learn more about Vinny, his informational websites and the various services which he offers, please feel free to check out the Vinny Pinto Central Directory website, at http://www.vinnypinto.us

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