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The primary purpose of this site is to provide information, articles and links to allow access to methods which allow:

  • greater happiness
  • greater degrees of freedom
  • greater health and vitality
  • greater access to spirit and higher self
  • functioning in this world with greater love and effectiveness
  • having more fun and lightness in life
  • ability to bring larger amounts of love, spirit and heart into this world
  • bringing spirit and love into matter
  • dissolving a sense of separation or withholding from others, from the world
  • the deliberate act of spiritual surrender of life to Holy Spirit and Supreme Heart

In the Spiritual, Emotional and Mental Arena:

First, a Note About Spiritual Surrender
One common note across the esoteric spiritual core at the heart of many religions and spiritual traditions is the idea of total surrender to Holy Spirit and Supreme Heart. This, in fact, is what leads to a plethora of aphorisms such as "Dear Lord, not mine will, but Thine" and "Let go and let God". For more on this topic of surrender, please see my website devoted to spiritual surrender.

Tools for Greater Happiness, Freedom, Vitality and Love
The two most effective systems I have encountered in my life for increasing happiness, vitality, love, and the "juiciness" of life are listed below.  Each is effectively a set of tools for emotional self-management, for becoming more mature, peaceful and effective, and ultimately, for enjoying a life of greater freedom, love and peace.  Each, in my opinion, can take you all the way to freedom if you wish, but at the least, offer you the chance of making your life lighter, more playful, and more ease-ful.  I feel, however, that the two systems best synergize each other.  In other words, I recommend both systems, using one as a starting ground and the other as a "graduate course" to expand upon the first.

How do these systems do this?  Each is heart-centered and gut-centered, and allows you to access your spirit and divine love in truly physically-centered ways which allow you to transform body and mind.  Essentially, each shows you methods of reaching the heart and feeling centers in the abdomen, and starting to run your life from Spirit/Being/God/Source (whichever term works best for you) which are accessible only by opening these centers, and thus allowing Spirit/Supreme Heart to start to guide your life rather than trying to run life from the mind, the latter of which usually portends a life dominated by incessant and frantic mental activity, irritation and control.  Each system offers complementary means of managing the emotions and managing the mind, and allow us the ability to start to dissolve all the old defensive (and survival -- very similar) programs, beliefs and patterns which our minds formed in the distant past, and which are still present in our unconscious and largely controlling our life experiences.  As don Miguel Ruiz, the Toltec healer/shaman (and author of the excellent book entitled The Four Agreements) from Mexico has said more than once, we forge many "false" (unneeded, disempowering, limiting) agreements or contracts with ourselves throughout our lives, each of which saps our power, limits our perceptions and abilities, and makes us more isolated from life and Spirit.  These "false agreements" or contracts are really nothing less than black magic.  We make, and have made, these agreements and contracts, from places of fear, apathy, anger and pride, and, concomitantly, an absence of love.  These agreements may range from choosing to believe what others tell us so as "to not rock the boat", to deciding out of anger never to love again, or even deciding out of pride never to succeed at anything.  Most of these false agreements were made in childhood, and may now be long-forgotten and buried in our unconscious, yet still controlling our experiences.

Each of the two systems described here allow us to start dissolving those old false agreements, contracts and beliefs, and to start reclaiming our tremendous power as conscious creators. Further, each of these systems allow us to better access divine love and spirit, and to access intuition to guide us through life and create more magic and juiciness in life.  These systems even offer tools which can allow us to make significant changes in our physical health, as well as in the arenas of spiritual, mental and emotional health.  My personal belief and experience is that these two systems work synergistically, and thus, work better together than either alone.  Here, below, are these two systems:

Release Technique and Lester Levenson's Work on Love, as taught by Larry Crane

The release technique was originally pioneered by Lester Levenson, in the early 1950's as, facing imminent death from heart disease in his early forties, he sought an answer to a life of misery and health problems.  As a result of inner searching and listening, Lester had a life-changing enlightenment experience, and managed to reach inner freedom within 3 months.  All of his many physical, emotional and mental problems disappeared, and he spent the rest of his life teaching others how to let go of the mind and, instead, to love more.  He eventually moved in the mid 1950's from his hometown of New York City to live in Sedona, Arizona where he taught his method for years.  The Release Technique system, as taught by Larry Crane, a long-term student and friend of Lester's, is a system in this tradition for which I feel a great affinity. There is one other teaching system which also offers Lester Levenson's work, and that system is known as the Sedona Method.  The primary course in the Release Technique system is called the Abundance Course.   Larry Crane (Release Technique) also offers an advanced course entitled What Do You Want to do With Your Life When You Grow Up ?, along with other advanced courses.

The Release Technique is a body-centered and heart/gut-centered technique which allows us to identify resistances, aversions and attachments in our heart, body and mind, and to let go of them with love and forgiveness, reaching ever-greater states of love, peace and freedom. Releasing is simply a way of letting go of old judgments, feelings, and attachments which block the love and flow of life.

At its highest level, this system allows one to not only dissolve many of the prison bars which we have erected in our bodies, minds and souls, but to manifest consciously a life of ease, abundance, freedom and peace.  This is a set of tools for emotional self-management, and, ultimately, opening the heart and allowing greater access to spirit.  I feel that of all the traditions I have ever encountered which claim to teach ways of "manifesting", this and the HeartMath system, above, are the only systems which really produce results, and allow people to change as well into more open, accepting, allowing beings.

For much more information on Lester Levenson's techniques and on Larry Crane's system of reaching greater freedom, please click on this link for an on-site page containing far more detail.
Off-site Links on the Release Technique and topics mentioned above:
Larry Crane's Release Technique, at http://www.releasetechnique.com
Information on Lester Levenson, at http://www.releasetechnique.com/lester-levenson


HeartMath is an educational and research organization located in Boulder Creek, CA, where they also operate a research and conference center in the redwoods.  HeartMath offers, via books, weekend seminars and videotapes, a set of tools and techniques for accessing and opening the heart center, and in so doing, to increase dramatically the love, happiness, health, effectiveness and freedom in your life.

HeartMath's researchers have published articles in a wide variety of journals in the fields of health, cardiology and psychology regarding the effectiveness of employing heart-centered techniques to dealing with life and its challenges.  Particularly, they have demonstrated the usefulness of using Heart Rate Variability (HRV) as an indicator of general health, and they have developed techniques to allow a person to change their HRV in the direction of increased coherence, entrainment, and health.

At its highest levels, the set of heart-centered techniques taught by HeartMath can allow you to create the life you want and manifest consciously a life more in harmony with your spirit.  These are tools for emotional self-management, and, ultimately, opening the heart and allowing greater access to spirit and love.

I particularly strongly recommend HeartMath's workshops and seminars, and also their book, written by HeartMath founder Doc Lew Childre and by Howard Martin, entitled "The HeartMath Solution".  Many of my friends also like a second book which HeartMath offers, and written by Sara Paddison, entitled, "The Hidden Power of the Heart".

HeartMath also markets a unique tool for use with your PC or MAC called emWave Desktop (previously known as emWave PC or the Freeze Framer), which allows you to receive feedback about degree of coherence and entrainment in your heart rate. In effect, this device can give you real-time feedback about the degree of coherence and entrainment in your heart beat and inner world. (The emWave is also available in a compact portable version called emWave PSR [Personal Stress Reliever] which doesn't have as many features as the emWave Desktop.)
Off-site Links on HeartMath and topics mentioned above:
HeartMath research and articles from scientific journals
Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
Coherence and entrainment of heart rhythm and other body signals
HeartMath tools and emotional self-management
The book by Doc Lew Childre and Howard Martin: "The HeartMath Solution"
The emWave Desktop (previously known as emWave PC or the Freeze Framer), a PC or MAC based tool which offers you feedback on your heart rhythm coherence
The book by Sara Paddison: "The Hidden Power of the Heart"

Coherence and Heart Coherence in Brief
Very much central to the HeartMath work, and really, a foundation for their work, is the concept of heart coherence.  Let us define coherence in a human or in the sphere of human activity as the presence of large and noticeable amounts of peace, harmony, ease, love and grace, which is often manifested as well by serenity, serendipity, vastly increased access to intuition and to Spirit/Being/God, and by relative absence of irritation, frustration, anger, discord, disharmony, dis-ease, and struggle. The concept of heart coherence recognizes that the heart center is the seat of Spirit and Divinity in the body, and the seat of true intelligence, knowing, understanding and grace, and of course, of love. Heart coherence is actually very much detectable in the heart rhythms, and is thus quite measurable and quantifiable via monitoring of heart rhythm. Further, the presence of significant degrees of coherence in the heart rhythm almost always leads, within seconds, to entrainment of other electrical rhythms in the body, including basic power spectra in the brainwaves, which may be verified via analysis of EEG signals.

This discourse has been very shallow and brief. To read more about coherence and heart coherence at an on-site page, please click here.

In the Arena of Physical Health:

Nutrition: Traditional, Largely-Paleolithic Raw Foods Diet (off-site link to another of my sites)

    For most of us, it seems that our nutrition -- what we eat and drink -- plays a key role in determining much of our health and vitality, and, often, the amount of freedom and options in our lives.  As someone with a lifelong experience and training in modalities of natural healing, and with a Master's degree in a health-related field, it is my opinion and experience that the vast majority of us, perhaps over 99 percent of us, do not thrive on a Standard American Diet (SAD) which is high in cooked and processed foods and refined sugars. It is extremely far from the diet for which our genes and our bodies were made to handle.  The modern diet of processed foods is one which is usually toxic and fatiguing to the body.   Rather, the vast majority of us seem to do best on a more traditional diet, far closer to what our ancestors ate, and far more suited to the biochemistry which our genes designed for our bodies. Such a traditional diet may be eaten either raw or partially-cooked.  The partially-cooked version (often called Paleolithic Diet or Caveman Diet) excludes any processed or refined foods as well as any foods which entered the human diet only in the past few thousand years.  Thus, such a diet excludes grains, beans, legumes, sweet fruit juices, overly sweet fruits, and all processed and refined oils. Such a traditional diet must also include some raw fruits and vegetables and will also include some animal products, including some raw animal products.  Such a diet usually allows small amounts of cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil as the only pourable "vegetable oil".

    Many of us, myself included, seem to have done even better by going one step further than the partially-cooked traditional diet (also called Paleolithic Diet or Caveman Diet) described above, and eating such a diet all raw.  In this dietary system, all plant and animal products are eaten fresh and raw, just as our early ancestors did before the advent of widespread cooking. Such a diet seems to drastically accelerate healing and recovery from chronic diseases and other illnesses far beyond that seen with the partially-cooked traditional diets.  There are several systems or philosophies which govern such a diet.  All, or almost all, also stress the importance of drinking a sizeable quantity of fresh and raw green juices daily.  Incidentally, some folks seem to do well on a purely vegan (all-plant food) raw foods diet, but the majority seem to eventually suffer some problems unless they incorporate some animal foods.  Some of the systems, philosophies, names and acronyms for raw diets which include animal foods which are most  frequently-encountered are:

      • Primal Diet,  a name coined by Aajonus Vonderplanitz , author of the book, We Want to Live
      • Raw Animal Foods Diet, also known as RAF or RAFD (this broad term usually denotes any of these diets or systems)
      • Raw Vegetable and Animal Foods diet, also known as RVAF (this broad term usually denotes any of these diets or systems)
      • Raw Plant and Animal Foods diet, also known as RPAF (this broad term usually denotes any of these diets or systems)
      • Raw Paleolithic Diet, also known as RPD, a broad term primarily used by the current author
      • In Europe, such diets have flourished under the names Instincto Diet and Anopsology
      • A related movement, including an intentional community and group of farms, is called Pangaia
      • A raw foods diet which includes some raw animal foods is one or four principal pillars of a natural healing system called Body Electronics
      • Even Vic Irons, the health foods, nutritional supplement and colon-cleansing guru of the 1950s and 1960s, recommended a RAF diet as optimal
      • Several of the advocates of the partially-cooked Paleolithic, Caveman and Paleothin diets have stated that one improvement which could be made to their system would be to find good-quality meats and eat them raw rather than lightly cooked
      • Natural Hygiene (NH or NHN), a rather restrictive raw vegan dietary system, actually has some variants, particularly the NHN systems of  Dr. Bass, Dr. Fielder and Dr. Cursio, which advocate eating a small percentage of raw animal products

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Additional Off-Site Links on Topics Closely Related to Those Covered Here:

Click here for more information on don Miguel Ruiz, the Toltec healer/shaman, and author of the excellent book entitled The Four Agreements. My sense is that don Miguel Ruiz offers a wonderful and succinct overview of the repressed and suppressed feelings we have all buried, as well as the often-suppressed and "forgotten" promises, decisions, agreements and contracts (made usually with ourselves) which we have made out of fear, apathy, anger or pride, and which, although long-forgotten, limit our effectiveness and lovingness in our current lives.  I enjoy his works very much.
Vinny is a multi-disciplinary scientist and engineer with extensive experience plus undergraduate-level training in electrical engineering and physics, and with a graduate degree (Master's) in the sciences. However, he is also, first and foremost, a mystic and a spiritual healer and spiritual guide/teacher. He lives his life in surrender to Divinity, and has been given a Divine gift wherein he serves as a window for Divine love and grace into this world. At the request of Divinity, Vinny has created a webpage on his spiritual healing website that gives page visitors a chance to receive, free-of-charge, some of the flow of Divine love and grace. You are welcome to visit this page at http://www.divine-heart.org/love-grace.html

Additional Off-Site Links, all of which are sites created by the author/creator of this website:
The Divine-Heart website - at http://www.divine-heart.org - shares information about the heart-centered spiritual healing work of Vinny Pinto.  This work involves no contact (called "non-contact" or nonlocal) and is done remotely.  It may seem odd that Vinny, who has trained as a scientist and researcher (and also as an electronics engineer) would also offer spiritual healing, but he also has a very strong training background in acupuncture and energy healing.   However, he now offers only non-contact healing, and feels that it is this work (far more than his research work or raw foods educational work) which most "makes his heart sing".

The RawPaleoDiet website - at http://rawpaleodiet.vpinf.com - is an educational site on the Raw Paleolithic Diet.  It covers all aspects of raw foods diets which include raw animal foods, and includes a comprehensive overview of over 40 systems and books which promote such diets.  Includes a comparison of the most popular systems.

The negative hydrogen ion is mainly found in nature as a powerful antioxidant nutrient in raw, unprocessed foods and in unprocessed water from certain wild sources.  The Negative Hydrogen Ion website - at http://h-minus-ion.vpinf.com - is an educational site on this ion.

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